Ronan’s Instagram Pictures

Ronan's Instagram picturesRonan’s instagram photos from the whole month have been put into the gallery. They are put into one album this time since it’s a bit silly to have 15 albums with one or two pictures in each. There are 33 pictures altogether, not every instagram photo is in there, just the ones that are pictures of Ronan.

So click on the photo to the left to go see the rest of the pictures!

Photos of Ronan with Lv Wei In Concert

Ronan had the opportunity to sing with Lv Wei earlier this week, here are the photos:

Ronan’s tweets about the night:

First duet I have ever done, and it’s with one of China’s biggest stars.. It’s a complete honour.. Get me on stage!!!
The performance went amazing, the crowd were very welcoming, thank you to Lv. Wei and all of the team! :-) x
Thank you to Lv Wei for these lovely flowers! :-) now on my way back! It’s been an unbelievable night! :-)

Ronan’s Birthday Mini Site

It is Ronan’s 14th birthday today! Some fans had messages they wanted to send him and they’ve all been made into a mini website. So click on the picture if you want to see it ;)

So what do you think we should get trending? #HappyBirthdayRonan or #WeAreShootingStars?

We Are Shooting Stars Music Video Released!

Ronan’s new music video has been released! You can watch it on youtube right now! Here is the video:

What do you think? I have only watched the first ten seconds so far cos I stopped to post this. But the first ten seconds looked amazing :D

Watch Ronan’s Car Throttle Interview

Ronan was interviewed by Car Throttle magazine a few days ago! Find out how Ronan gets his hair to look good, how he deals with rubbish questions and a lot more in this really fun interview :)

Ronan’s single was just released yesterday! Have you got it yet? You can buy just the single, or get the full EP on iTunes!

16 New Photoshoot Pictures of Ronan!

There are 16 new photoshoot pictures of Ronan in the gallery! They are the official photos taken by Ronan’s new label ADR records. These are just some of the pictures that you should be able to get in a photo book once it is for sale in Ronan’s official merchandise store. Out of all of them which one is your favourite? Leave a comment or tweet us at @RonanParkeOrg

New photoshoot pictures of Ronan New photoshoot pictures of Ronan New photoshoot pictures of Ronan New photoshoot pictures of Ronan

There are only three days left to the release of “We Are Shooting Stars”, have you pre ordered the track yet? Don’t forget you still have time to enter the competition to win a Ronan Parke Calendar!

Ronan Parke Live - Sweet Child O’ Mine

Ronan covered the Gun N Roses song Sweet Child O’ Mine, yeah looks like Guns N Roses love dropping letters out of words lol

He mixed it up by making it a sort of dance version. It’s cool to see him moving around more in his recent performances :) What do you guys think of his stage presence?

New Personal Photos and Updates

Here are the latest photos that Ronan has posted over the last three days. The first one is from about an hour ago, he tweeted it with the message:

6 more days until the release of ‘We Are Shooting Stars’ … Put your hand up if you are shooting excited

New photos of ronan personal photos of Ronan parke personal photos of Ronan parke Photos of Ronan with his mum Maggie

Watch Ronan Singing at Music And Miracles

Ronan performed at a Music And Miracles event which was in aid of ‘The Friends of Izzy’. This took place at Charter Hall, Colchester UK on 21st July 2012.

The aim is to raise enough money for the four year old girl’s operation, she has cerebral palsy. She needs £50,000 to have an operation in America which may help her walk again, find out more about her here: Izzy’s Website.

Watch Ronan Live at EPIC!

Ronan sings ‘we are shooting stars’ and ‘you and I’